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Screenshots / Gameplay Trailer
zoomSuper Police Racing Screenshot 1
zoomSuper Police Racing Screenshot 2
zoomSuper Police Racing Screenshot 3
filmSuper Police Racing Gameplay Trailer
Game Description
3D racing game. Sun City is the city of the future with the best ecology and high tech infrastructure. But the increase in the crime rate makes this place dangerous to live in. Extremists block roads, car criminals crash the traffic, hackers override automatic city traffic control. Special Supercar Police Unit was organized to blow the whistle on these practices.
  • System Requirements
    Not Low-End Not Mid-End Not Hi-End
    Minimum System Requirements
    Netbooks and low-end desktop PCs

    - Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
    - Processor 1000 MHz or better
    - RAM 1024 MB
    - GeForce4 MX or on-board graphics
    - DirectX 9.0 or higher
    - DirectX-compatible sound card
  • Supported Game Controllers
    No Mouse
    No Gamepad
    Gamepad / Joystick
    No Touch Screen
    Touch Screen
  • Game Rating

    Alternative Names
    Police Supercars Racing
    Police Supercars Racing Recharged
This game, like other games on our website, is provided free of charge legally, as it was licensed or sublicensed to us by a game developer or a game publisher, or was developed by our internal game development studio. Distribution and modification of this game and promotional materials without our permission is prohibited.

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