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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a team-based tactical first-person shooter. The game offers players to participate in the battles of teams of terrorists and special forces on a variety of unique maps in various modes, as well as a large number of authentic firearms.

Counter-Strike: GO for free
This game has won everyone's love and status as an esports icon thanks to its simple yet deep gameplay. Unlike many other online shooters, agility, impeccable knowledge of maps and experience play the main roles in CS: GO. There is a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive free download on our web-site.


In Global Offensive, players are offered a choice of two teams: the good ones are special forces, and the bad ones are terrorists. There is no division into classes, the players themselves choose what to take with them in the new round - a sniper rifle or a shotgun. There are no special differences between the parties, only certain types of weapons and the assigned tasks differ. Depending on the map, the terrorists take hostages or plant a bomb on a special place for mining, and the special forces, accordingly, try to stop them.

Having chosen a location for themselves, each team must cope with the task in order to earn a rating and rise in the standings. Cope with the task is not so easy, because there is an active struggle, and other players will do everything to prevent opponents. They can shoot from different angles, throw grenades, attack from behind and come in from the flanks.

Matches are held in approximately the same pattern. You spawn at a spawn point, buy weapons, armor and grenades, and then run to clear the level of enemies. In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, beginners have a hard time. Even the tutorial and casual mode, which does not have to pay for armor and tools, do not make the game more welcoming.

In-game events are held regularly, which allow you to receive exclusive skins for weapons and medals.

Game Features

In this game, you cannot zoom in on the scope (with the exception of sniper rifles), which will be inconvenient for players who came to CS: GO from other online shooters. But here you need to aim very accurately. If you miss, they will hit you, and each miss significantly reduces your chances of surviving until the end of the round.

In the Global Offensive, there are so-called wallbanging zones, special locations through which bullets penetrate. They are, of course, not marked in any way, and you can only find them if you know where to look.

CS: GO is a positional shooter, so many are in no hurry to run into the thick of things at the beginning of the round. Experienced players give each other a lift on vantage points, from which it is easier to shoot at enemies. Giving a lift is when one player crouches down and the other jumps on his head, using a buddy as a platform to get to a height not normally available. Such methods in this game are an important strategic element that sets the gameplay apart from other online shooters. They give the mechanics depth and create an atmosphere of real competition, where not only reaction speed is important, but also tactics.

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