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Game Description

Hitman Absolution Free Game Screenshot
Hitman: Absolution tells the story of the killer’s most personal contract. Agent 47, betrayed by the Agency and persecuted by the police, seeks redemption in a corrupt and disfigured world. Create your own masterpieces by choosing the level, goal, weapons and conditions of the murder in a completely new multiplayer mode. Created contracts can be transferred to friends or to the entire Hitman community, and money for their implementation or creation will open new weapons, amplifiers and disguises. Track down your victim, join the battle or disguise yourself as long as possible. In the role of Agent 47, the choice is yours thanks to the extensive game mechanics and the amazing system of artificial intelligence. In Hitman: Absolution, every moment can turn into a story with unique characters, rich dialogue and events of Hollywood scale, which gives a unique impression of the game. Agent 47 is available under the guise of almost any person who met on his way. Immobilize your victim, steal his/her clothes and use your instincts to mix with the enemy and confuse his plans. Look at the world through the eyes of Agent 47 and become the most dangerous killer in the world. With the help of instinct mode, you can predict the movements of the enemy, discover new methods of killing and start using weapons with deadly accuracy.
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