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Game Description

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Free Game Screenshot
Titan Quest Anniversary Edition is an incredibly innovative Action RPG set in Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt and the Ancient East. The Titans have escaped from their eternal prison and are wreaking havoc around the world. Now the world needs a hero who can turn the tide of an epic confrontation in which the fate of both humans and gods is decided. As part of a grand clash of the forces of darkness and light, players will have to meet the greatest villains of Greek mythology, fight Cerberus and visit the dangerous shores of the Styx. To survive this difficult adventure, players will have to understand the essence of the prophecies of the blind soothsayer Tiresias, fight shoulder to shoulder with Agamemnon and Achilles and use the cunning of Odysseus. Titan Quest and Titan Quest Immortal Throne are combined into one game as the Anniversary Edition.
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