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3D horror game. Collect 8 pages and escape from an abandoned city while avoiding the Slender Man. Staring at the Slender Man will drain your sanity - losing your sanity completely will have negative effects and will likely get you killed. Sprinting will decrease your maximum stamina, so sprint only when required. In this chilling horror game, players are trapped in a spooky and desolate abandoned city shrouded in darkness. The goal is simple: collect eight pages scattered throughout the city and make your escape while being hunted by a vicious creature known as the Slenderman. Players must be careful and stealthy so as not to attract the attention of the Slenderman. This tall, featureless figure, clad in a dark suit, moves with an otherworldly grace and unsettling aura. Looking directly at Slenderman is a fatal mistake, as it will quickly drain your character's sanity. The more players catch a glimpse of Slenderman or spend time near him, the faster their sanity will fade. Complete loss of sanity can result in a horrific and untimely demise for the player character.