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3D monster truck racing game. Trucks are equipped with nitro boosters, and proper use of nitro acceleration is the key to success in every race. When you get the maximum nitro charge, you can ram opponents to take them down. Get achievements to unlock new monster trucks and levels. For some achievements you will have to pass some levels several times, but the result is worth it! The key to success lies in mastering the art of nitro boosting, as it provides a significant speed boost and improves overall truck performance. As players skillfully navigate the challenging racetracks, they must strategically manage their nitro supplies. The timing of the activation of the nitro boosts becomes crucial as it can mean the difference between leading or falling behind. When players have successfully charged their nitros to the maximum, they will unlock the ability to crash into opponents. In order to unlock new monster trucks and gain access to additional levels, players should strive to unlock various in-game achievements. Exciting races, unlockable content and the fun of mastering each level make the journey worthwhile and guarantee an unforgettable experience for every player.

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