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3D racing game. Sun City is the city of the future with the best ecology and high tech infrastructure. But the increase in the crime rate makes this place dangerous to live in. Extremists block roads, car criminals crash the traffic, hackers override automatic city traffic control. Special Supercar Police Unit was organized to blow the whistle on these practices. Futuristic and awe-inspiring, the Sun City metropolis, with breathtaking cutting-edge technology and environmental initiatives, seems like the perfect embodiment of a utopian future. Beneath its shimmering facade, however, lurks a growing threat - a disturbing surge in crime that threatens the very essence of this paradise. Faced with this unprecedented crisis, the city's leadership decided to create a special supercar police unit. As a player, you take on the role of one of the unit's elite officers. Get into your high-tech supercar and take to the futuristic streets to bring justice to Sun City. Engage in intense high-speed chases, overcome dangerous obstacles, and outsmart criminals to restore order to this once-peaceful city.