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Among Us is a game that suddenly conquered the whole world, an analogue of the board game "Mafia", where for successful subversive activities players must deceive their opponents and do everything possible not to reveal themselves. Players have to find an impostor in the ranks of the crew of the spaceship, whose goal is to kill everyone. The impostor must kill as many team members as possible before being declassified.

Among Us for free
It can be played from a computer or a phone, and is free on mobile devices. Now you can download Among Us for PC for free from our website and enjoy this wonderful game.

Gameplay Description

The main goal of Among Us is quite simple. In the game, 4 to 10 players make up the crew of a spaceship, and there are 1 to 3 impostors among them. Crew members must run around the map and complete simple tasks that will ensure the safe flight of the ship. And the impostor must kill the rest of the crew and sabotage the ship, while trying to remain unnoticed. The crew is trying to find out who is the traitor, for this there is a chat for communication and a vote is arranged. According to the results of the vote, the crew member chosen as the impostor is thrown into space. In this case, players can make a mistake and throw an innocent player into space!

The game has several different maps and the ability to play simultaneously between different platforms. And character customization lets you choose your name, color, and fun hats.

How to play as a crew member

If you play as part of a crew, then mastering the gameplay will not be difficult. Just open the map, tasks will glow there, run to these marks to complete them. In some missions, the pointer appears directly on the screen. In addition to completing tasks, you need to determine which of the players is an impostor. The impostors are betrayed by their actions, such as moving through ventilation, killing or chasing you or another player. As soon as you realize who the impostor is, run into the room with the emergency button, press it, write your accusations in the chat and vote for who you consider the murderer!

How to play as an impostor

The game randomly selects players who will become impostors. As a traitor, hunt down and kill players, trying not to be noticed by other crew members. You can hide in ventilation, close doors and sabotage.


This small game allows you not only to develop strategic thinking, but also to have fun. "Among Us" develops deductive thinking and the ability to recognize lies, and also teaches to be more attentive to details. On the one hand, you need to be a great actor to stay above suspicion, and on the other hand, you need to think critically in order to find a traitor.

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