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Ice Crusade is a sequel to the Cuban Missile Crisis war simulator, made in the style of alternative history using historically accurate technologies from the late 60s - early 70s. 1967 year. The Cuban missile crisis, which started the third world war, continues. The global cooling caused by the use of nuclear weapons radically changed the course of world history, marking a new, unprecedented exacerbation of the struggle for survival. Due to global icing, which has made much of the United States, Australia and southern Africa uninhabitable, Americans are forced to use army formations to evacuate troops, resources and people from the affected areas. This significantly weakened the position of the United States on the continent and opened the way for Soviet troops on the territory of the American continent, and led to the seizure of resources that the United States so needed. Inspired by the seizure of European Union lands in West Africa, the Soviet command launches Operation Ice Crusade on an unprecedented scale: Expeditionary forces breaking the Arctic ice attack the unprotected cities of America. The ice-covered cities of the United States and the semi-desert territories of Mexico are becoming the field of new battles, making the nations to survive in the chaos of post-nuclear madness.
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