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Game Description

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Eschalon: Book II is the next chapter in the great RPG and the second part of an epic trilogy. The threat of war hangs over the whole world, and history again calls for feats. In addition, you have learned something about your own past, and now you have to find out the whole truth about who you really are. Players are waiting for a huge world to explore, complete freedom of movement and action, as well as thousands of items, monsters, puzzles and traps. You can play as a male or female character. Added weather conditions such as snow, rain, thunderstorm, which affect the skills and characteristics of the characters. The user interface has been improved, inventory has been expanded, save slots have been added, as well as a key ring, a recipe book, and more. Saved sets of armor and weapons will allow the hero to instantly change into clothes suitable for a feat. The turn-based action unfolds at your own pace, and you can play fast and furious or think through each step.
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