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Installs: 180
Game Description

LEGO 2K Drive Free Game Screenshot
LEGO® 2K Drive is a fun racing building game with massive racing adventures set in the LEGO® open world. Here, your stunning transformable vehicle will allow you to navigate exciting race tracks, off-road terrain and open water with ease. Explore a huge world, demonstrate your driving skills and assemble cars brick by brick. Get behind the wheel and get ready to explore the open world and take part in exciting races. Take advantage of the exciting story mode, compete in single races or cup series tournaments, and take part in crazy mini-games. Master the art of drifting, using boosts and power boosts to defeat your opponents. In Story Mode, you'll go from novice racer to renowned champion, competing against charismatic opponents. Assembling cars in a garage is as easy as stacking bricks. Create new cars and boats from scratch. Compete in split screen or join other drivers online.
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