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Offworld Trading Company is an economic strategy game from the chief designer of Civilization IV. Mars is colonized, and you are invited to lend a helping hand to the new world and ensure its prosperity. However, for this, not only you were invited - your competitors have arrived on the planet, who are ready to do everything possible to occupy the best regions of Mars and oust rivals from business. In search of adventure, leave Earth and become famous as the industrial tycoon of the red planet. In a dynamic single player campaign, you will decide the fate of the human colony on Mars. Compete with your friends as you can be sure that no game is the same in this exciting 8-player online multiplayer mode! In this game, your weapons are market processes, not rockets and bombs. Your shield is a market reacting to the actions of the player. To win, you will have to make difficult decisions: what to produce and sell, what resources to mine, whose shares to buy, and how to interact with the developed underground world of Mars.
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