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Game Description

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Phoenix Point is a sci-fi turn-based strategy game with tactical elements from the creator of X-COM. Earth was taken over. A mutating alien force threatens the last remnants of humanity. Only a secret organization consisting of the best minds and the bravest soldiers left on Earth can stop the inevitable and repel the aliens. You have to research and develop new technologies, explore a devastated globe, manage resources and fight in tough battles. Face off against ever-changing aliens that adapt to your tactics and give you no respite, even as your team grows stronger and technologically advanced. In the game, you can not only equip and command units, but also directly control the soldier's shots in battle with the help of the unique free aiming system. Aim at weapons, weak spots, valuable items or just at the body of the enemy. The Year One Edition includes all previous add-ons, updates and additional content.
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