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Screenshots / Gameplay Trailer
4x4 Offroad Race Screenshot 1
4x4 Offroad Race Screenshot 2
4x4 Offroad Race Screenshot 3
4x4 Offroad Race Gameplay Trailerfilm
Game Description
3D off-road racing game. Powerful off-road vehicles, trails and routes running on dirt roads, extreme weather conditions and violent opponents - all that we call 4x4 Offroad Race. You will be able to experience the most powerful four-wheel drive vehicles. You have to overcome terrible roads, do jumps over bumps and potholes and knock opponents off the track to win all the races.
This game, like other games on our website, is provided free of charge legally, as it was licensed or sublicensed to us by a game developer or a game publisher, or was developed by our internal game development studio. Distribution and modification of this game and promotional materials without our permission is prohibited.

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Download Free Full Version Now - 4x4 Offroad Race
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