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Among Us for PC is the perfect way to enjoy the popular mobile game on your laptop or desktop computer. In this game, the Crew tries to get their spaceship ready for departure, while one or more of the Crew members are Impostors trying to kill everyone! The goal of the Crew is to win by completing the mission to prepare the ship or identifying all the Impostors. The Crew must respond quickly to the Impostor's sabotage to achieve victory. Check the administrator's map and security cameras to keep an eye on other crewmates and report any corpses immediately. Crew members call emergency meetings to discuss suspicious behavior and vote to expel suspected ones. The Impostor is trying to kill crewmates and frame other crew members. To do this, he or she pretends to be on missions to blend in with the crewmates, and uses the ventilation system to move quickly around the ship. The Impostor sabotages to create chaos and separate the Crew, and closes doors to trap victims and kill them in private.