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Apex Legends is a first-person shooter of the battle royale genre. To find out which character deserves the title of best one, players on the battlefield will have to use all their powerful skills. Master the fighting style of each legend, as well as the intricacies of tactical team play and bold innovations which have raised the bar of the genre to a new level. Welcome to the world of predators, and there are no laws and no rules. Welcome to the royal battle of the next generation. Each of the fighters has their own individual character traits, tactical advantages and intuitive skills that will test your strength skills. Choose a legend and combine your unique fighting abilities with the forces of other players, creating an invincible squad. The outcome of the match depends on the skills of your character and your ability to make the right decisions in time, using all the strengths of your squad. Try the innovations that raise the bar of the Battle Royale genre to a new level: beacons of awakening, a smart communication system, advanced gaming equipment, as well as a completely new way to land on the battlefield. Having landed on the battlefield, go in search of prey: powerful weapons, various modifications and armor that will save your life more than once. Discover new ways to change the appearance of characters and weapons to impress friends and enemies during a match.