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Warzone is an unprecedented new combat experience in the Modern Warfare universe, where up to 150 players play the role of Tier 1 Operator veterans and end up in the densely populated and vast world of Verdansk. This game, filled with non-stop and endless action, can be played by everyone absolutely free! Players can join their friends in two game modes: Battle Royale and Plunder. In Battle Royale, you must fight to remain the only squad, while avoiding the deadly gas in a rapidly closing circle. In Plunder, players try to collect more money, rob a map, destroy enemies to steal their money, and enter into contracts during the match. Warzone takes place in Verdansk, a huge city with many zones and more than 300 attractions. Zones have different names, zones are in different types of environments, such as cities and rural areas. Change the place of the fall in each match to land in a better place and take advantage of what Verdansk has to offer. Need to break out of the impending gas or get into another zone? Find a vehicle! The game has a unique game mechanics that makes each match interesting and allows you to use many strategies to experience new experiences every time.