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Dota 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). Two teams fight in the game, one team plays for the dark side (The Dire), the other for the light side (The Radiant), each team consists of five characters. Teams have to destroy the so-called "fortress" of the enemy and defend their own. This game boasts an endless variety of heroes, abilities and items, which makes each match unique. Any character can play many roles, and there is a suitable item for every need. Nothing limits the flight of your thoughts - you choose which strategy to follow by yourself. The main pride of the game is equal competitive opportunities. Thus, everyone is in the same position, and the basis of the game - an extensive list of heroes - is available to each player. If you wish, you can collect items that change both your heroes and the world around them. But when starting the game for the first time you already have everything you need for the first match. It is never too late to start playing this game although Dota 2 is constantly being updated. Learn the basics of matches playing with bots. Check the capabilities of the heroes. And then join the battle with players of your level and behavior - the match selection system will take care of the correct matching.