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Garena Free Fire on PC is a multiplayer action game in the battle royale genre. Fifty players parachute to the island in search of weapons and equipment to kill other players. When a player joins the game, he/she find himself/herself on a plane flying over the island. While the airplane is flying over the game island, the player can jump anywhere, which allows him/her to choose a strategic location for landing away from enemies. After landing, the player must look for weapons and auxiliary items. Medical equipment, medium and large weapons, grenades and other items can be found throughout the island. The main goal is to survive on an island with a maximum of 50-51 players; this requires the elimination of all opponents that the player encounters. The safe zone of the game map decreases in size over time, leading survived players into narrower areas to cause imminent collisions. The last remaining player or team wins the round. There are also various game modes in the game, such as "squad" if you want to play with group of your friends, "duo" if you want to play with your best friend and "solo" for a lone survival.