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File Size: 22 MBDOWNLOADInstalls: 144,584
Screenshots / Gameplay Trailer
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filmJungle Strike Gameplay Trailer
Game Description
3D action game, vehicular combat. Drive your Humvee through enemy bases in the jungle and find all the secret documents. Get behind the wheel of a powerful off-road vehicle and make your way through treacherous enemy bases hidden deep in the dense jungle. Equipped with advanced weapons, your armored personnel carrier becomes an invincible force on the battlefield. Break through enemy barricades with your mounted turret, deliver devastating missile strikes and dodge enemy fire. Your mission is to find and obtain highly classified documents containing vital information critical to national security. Can you make your way through dangerous jungles, infiltrate enemy bases and retrieve secret documents before time runs out? The fate of the nation is in your hands.
  • System Requirements
    Not Low-End Not Mid-End Not Hi-End
    Minimum System Requirements
    Netbooks and low-end desktop PCs
    - Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
    - Processor 1000 MHz or better
    - RAM 1024 MB
    - GeForce4 MX or on-board graphics
    - DirectX 9.0 or higher
    - DirectX-compatible sound card
  • Supported Game Controllers
    Keyboard + Mouse
    Keyboard + Mouse
    No Gamepad
    Gamepad / Joystick
    No Touch Screen
    Touch Screen
  • Game Rating

    Alternative Names

    Mad Medley Battle

    Combat Machines

    Humvee Shootout

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