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Get ready for an adventure with unlimited possibilities: build a building, get resources, fight mobs and explore the ever-changing world of Minecraft. Thanks to regular updates, you can explore new tools, places and spaces. What you can imagine, you can build. Engage your imagination and unlimited resources in creative mode. Fight with mobs, build shelters and explore the landscape - all this is common, if you strive not only to survive, but also to prosper in survival mode. Build together, explore together, have fun together! Minecraft is even more interesting if you explore it with your best friends. Show ingenuity and use all your skills, collect building materials around you - see how you can create something new from logs. Survive the night, so it is always better to insure yourself against surprises, keeping your distance from scouring mobs - you will never guess what can happen if they get too close! Build something unbelievable and find out how to use dust from valuable red stone ore to improve your creations, revive them or make them cooler.