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Monster Truck Safari
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This game is Family Friendly. Rated by TIGRS™
Supported Game Controllers
No Mouse
No Gamepad
Gamepad / Joystick
No Touch Screen
Touch Screen
System Requirements
Not Low-End Not Mid-End Not Hi-End
Minimum System Requirements

Most laptops and desktop PCs

- Windows XP/Vista/7/8
- Dual-core Processor 2000 MHz
- RAM 2048 MB
- GeForce 6 or Radeon X-series
- DirectX 9.0 or higher
- DirectX-compatible sound card

Monster Truck Safari

Categories: Monster Truck, Driving, Racing, 3d


Take first place in the top list of the best monster truck drivers!



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Game Description

3D monster truck racing game.

Take part in races of two types: Sprint and Capture the Flag. Earn points and upgrade your monster truck. Take first place in the top list of the best monster truck drivers!


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