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3D racing game. Alternative history. The world financial crisis led to the victory of Soviet Union. Soviet automobile industry classic car racing was organized at the direction of the Central Committee. World of high speed, gasoline, and chromium is waiting for you! Comrades, forward to victory! You will take part in spectacular races on classic cars of the Soviet automobile industry. You will immerse yourself in an exciting mixture of speed, nostalgia and Soviet-era aesthetics. The tracks are set against the backdrop of grandiose architecture. From legendary models such as the Volga, Moskvich and Lada to elegant prototypes developed under the close attention of the Central Committee, the choice of vehicles reflects the unique charm and character of Soviet automotive technology. Unlock a wide range of modifications that increase the performance of your car. Customize your car to suit your racing style and gain a competitive edge. Comrades, buckle up, start your engines - the world of classic car racing is waiting for your triumphant finish.