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You need to use nitro to win this crazy racing. Turn it on and your car will gain incredible speed. Win competitions and get points to gain access to more powered cars. In this exciting racing game, mastering the art of using nitro is the key to victory. Turn on the nitro boost and watch in awe as your car's engine comes to life, propelling you forward with unparalleled speed and acceleration. A rush of adrenaline flows through your veins as you take tight turns, boldly overtake rivals and leave a dusty trail behind you. Winning the competition rewards you with valuable points that serve as your ticket to unlock even more powerful cars. As you progress through more and more difficult races, you will open new tracks. Adaptability and quick response are vital as you learn the ins and outs of each track and develop winning strategies that take advantage of each turn. With stunning graphics, breathtaking sound effects and intuitive controls, this game takes you into the realm of high octane racing where skill and strategy determine the ultimate champion.