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A classic turn-based strategy game with RPG elements that takes place in a fantasy world. The king was betrayed, stripped of his throne and abandoned by evil magic in a distant land. According to the plan of the traitors, the king was supposed to die because of the influence of the spell, but he managed to survive. Now he is driven by the desire to take revenge and return the throne. The king will have to defeat the warlike lords, deal with hordes of evil spirits, wild predators, barbarians, and finally confront the countless hellish army. The king leads into battle more than 30 types of troops, helping them with 20 spells from 4 magic schools. More than a dozen different armors protect the hero in battles, and dozens of magic items increase the strength of the king and his warriors. With every battle won, the king becomes more experienced, his authority grows, and more and more powerful warriors are ready to stand under his banner.