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The human race has spread throughout the galaxy thanks to the wonders of technological singularity. Humans have become so powerful that they can control huge armies throughout the vast galactic empire. And suddenly humanity is attacked by a new enemy. Calling themselves Substrate, they seek to exterminate the human race. As a novice member of the Posthuman Coalition, you will have to deal with this new threat, as well as with apostates trying to reclaim their own worlds. Play as the Posthuman Coalition or their enemy Substrate and fight for control of the galaxy. Enjoy playing online with friends in multiplayer mode, or play with powerful artificial intelligence in shoot-out or campaign mode. Regardless of the mode in which you play, strategy is a key. Decisions made about what technologies to research, where to direct your armies, how to manage your economy and which units to create are crucial for victory. Immerse yourself in a large-scale real-time strategy game in which you wage war between worlds with thousands of units. The conflict is escalated, and it is time to choose the side.