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Game Description

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Assetto Corsa Competizione is an impressive racing simulator in which players can compete in race cars against AI in offline mode or against other players online. The game includes an offline career, an individual championship, non-standard races and gameplay modes for special events, as well as a multiplayer online mode with session types consisting of a free training session, a hot lap, a super pole, a hot limit, a quick race (one race up to one hour), weekend in sprint races (up to two training sessions, two qualifying sessions and two races lasting up to one hour) and endurance weekend (up to two training sessions, four qualifying sessions and 10 best superpoles, as well as one or two races in each from one to twenty four hours). Races can be saved and resumed in the middle of a session in offline modes. Offline grids are automatically selected depending on the series and season chosen by the player. In addition, races can be turned into separate sessions, allowing the creation of series such as the Porsche Carrera Cup, Lamborghini Super Trofeo or Audi R8 LMS Cup. Selecting a car in multi-user mode is free if it is not specified in the server settings.
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