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Game Description

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Blazing Sails: Pirate Battle Royale redefines the battle royale genre! Daring island raids and naval battles with enemy ships and crews await you! Pirates laugh in the face of death, because in the game you will be revived again until your ship sank, which means that from the very beginning of the match you can play aggressively and take risks. Land the islands, collect weapons, ammo, ship upgrades and other supplies, and quickly return to your ship to charge into battle! You can share your loot with other crew members to increase the efficiency of your team! Plundering the islands is just one of the tasks assigned to the team. It is also needed to decide who will be responsible for repairing the hull and who will be responsible for charging the guns. In addition, you need to choose a helmsman responsible for navigation, otherwise your ship runs the risk of falling into a dead zone and sinking! Well-coordinated work and communication is the key to winning Blazing Sails!
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