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Game Description

Chainsaw Warrior Free Game Screenshot
Chainsaw Warrior is a classic board game. The year 2032 has arrived, and a sudden deformation of space has opened a hole to another dimension in the heart of Manhattan. Bizarre and dangerous creatures began to flood our dimension, destroying everything in their path. A powerful mind known as "Darkness" controls all this evil and tries to pull New York through the hole, completely destroying it! Air strikes, ground attacks and weapons of mass destruction were used in unsuccessful attempts to stop the invasion. The only hope remained: a former SWAT soldier, reinforced for combat and known as the Chainsaw Warrior. Equipped with the latest high-tech weapons, he must fight his way to the interdimensional epicenter and defeat the Darkness. Between him and the Darkness there are not only crowds of zombies, mutants, traps, agents of Chaos and other horrors, but also passing time! There is only one hour left to save New York before it disappears from our world forever.
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