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Game Description

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Conan Exiles is a multiplayer online survival simulator in the world of Conan the barbarian, now with mounted animals and the ability to fight on horseback. Play with friends and strangers in a huge open sandbox world, build your house or a common city. Fight frosts, explore the rich treasures of dungeons, turn into a powerful barbarian and fight enemies. Play Conan Exiles in either single player, cooperative, or multi-player mode. When Conan himself saves your life, you will have to quickly learn to survive. Run away from sandstorms, take cover from the heat and go hunting for food and necessary materials. And then you will see a huge world: from the snowy mountain peaks in the north to the hot deserts in the south. Conquer the lands of the exiles and make your clan great. A flexible construction system will help you create anything from a hut to an entire city. Use swords, bows and siege equipment in battle; even the giant incarnations of the gods can go over to your side. Turn your enemies' houses into ruins in grand battles.
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