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Installs: 100
Game Description

Disintigration Free Game Screenshot
Disintegration is a sci-fi game that combines elements of a real-time strategy game and a first-person shooter game. The near future of the Earth is a place and time of the game action, where Integration is the only hope for humanity survival. This process preserves the human brain by moving it into a mechanized shell. You act as the commander of a small resistance group that does not want to let go of the memories of its humanity. While the overwhelming forces of the enemy destroy the remnants of society, the protagonist and his team must fight to reboot humanity. Fly a variety of heavily armed anti-gravity bikes and control your ground crew using their various unique abilities and your own arsenal of weapons. Disintegration includes not only an exciting single player campaign, but also multiplayer PvP battles with three modes and many maps in which players and their teams have to compete with each other.
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