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Game Description

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GTFO is a team-based first-person shooter for those who are ready to play big. Game sessions are designed for four participants, and maximum teamwork is required from each. If you are missing one or two players, AI characters will take their place. They will follow you, hide when you hide, collect resources and support you with fire. You need a team strategy. Start developing it even before the start of the sortie, agree on what equipment, weapons and bonuses each of the fighters will use so that your team is as effective as possible. Instead of bursting into the next level, spraying everything with heavy fire, sometimes it would be wiser to save your ammo and nerves and make your way through the corridors unnoticed and quietly. Many of the monsters living here doze to conserve their strength, but the noise, light and movement will certainly wake them up. And as soon as someone finds you, everyone else will instantly know about it. And then you will have a hard time.
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