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Game Description

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Serious Sam: The First Encounter is an adrenaline-pumping arcade shooter game. In the not too distant future, during the first interstellar travels, mankind faced a great evil that has roamed the galaxy for centuries. This devilish creature is the last of the ancient immortals named Mental. He set out on a journey to destroy humanity for entertainment, as did other civilizations throughout his long galactic history. But the enemy underestimated the protection of Earth - a secret weapon left by the Sirians, an ancient race that fought the Mental on Earth in prehistoric times. The device, named the "Key to Eternity", is capable to send former Special Forces soldier Sam Stone to the days of Ancient Egypt to kill Mental and save humanity. This is a world where cyberpunk meets fantasy, and high-tech devices meet dark magic and supernatural powers. Sam travels from the beautiful era of Ancient Egypt to other planets, fighting hordes of Mental's minions to reach his lair for the final battle.
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