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Installs: 100
Game Description

Ticket To Ride First Journey Free Game Screenshot
Ticket to Ride: First Journey is a part of the famous Ticket to Ride board game series. In this version, players can start their first trip and visit the major cities of Europe and the USA. It is easy for the whole family to play together. The youngest players can now challenge the most experienced ones in Ticket to Ride First Journey. Collect railroad maps, ask for directions on the map and try to connect the cities indicated on the tickets. Each player begins with four colored railway cards and two tickets. Each ticket shows two cities, and the goal is to connect the two cities in the continuous way of your trains to complete the ticket. On the move, you either draw two cards from the deck, or discard cards of the appropriate color to select a route between two cities. As soon as you finish the route, you will be given a new one. The first player to complete six tickets wins. It takes a little risk, but it's fun!
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