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Installs: 81
Game Description

X Morph Defense Complete Edition Free Game Screenshot
X-Morph: Defense is a unique combination of tower defense strategy and top-down shooter. You are an alien invader! Lure your enemy into a deadly maze of defense towers or use weapons. Plan your attack in Build Mode by building different towers, or dash straight into the thick of the battle. Build defense towers and defeat enemies attacking you on maps that give you incredible planning freedom. Destroy buildings and bridges to fortify your defenses or just for fun. For the first time in the tower defense genre, use an arsenal of unique alien weapons and unseen defense strategies. People are desperate to defend their home. They created huge fighting robots - mechs, designed to fight each other, but now they have to unite and repel the attack of aliens. Each battle with Mech is unique and changes the game environment beyond recognition. Entire cities will lie in ruins. The Complete Edition includes add-ons such as European Assault, Survival Of The Fittest, Last Bastion and a soundtrack.
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