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Game Description

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XCOM 2 is a continuation of the XCOM: Enemy Unknown strategy, which received praise reviews. The alien transport ship, which was converted into the XCOM mobile headquarters, became the hope of mankind for victory in this difficult war. You are given the opportunity to choose when to conduct special operations, where to strike again and how to enlist the support of the population in this new open world of the game. Create squads of soldiers with the best suited skills to implement your tactical plans using five classes of fighters. You have more freedom in battles with new game mechanics. To gain superiority on the battlefield, you will have to build new compartments on board your ship. To research, create, and upgrade weapons and equipment you have to use scientists and engineers. Different missions are waiting for you all around the world, and you will fight both on wild lands and in aliens controlled cities, there almost infinitely diverse combinations of maps, tasks and goals will meet you.
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