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Minecraft for free


Minecraft is a sandbox game that provides а player with a procedurally generated and modifiable 3D world made entirely of cubes. This world can be freely rebuilt by creating complex structures from cubes.

Minecraft for free
Minecraft does not set any specific goals for players, but offers them complete freedom of action. The game can be found on our website, and anyone can download Minecraft for free.

How to start the game

Before starting the game, it is needed to select parameters for procedural world generation, and if a player creates two worlds with the same parameter values, then such worlds will also be the same. The game world is divided into different biomes, each with its own weather and objects. Minecraft has neither storyline nor specific goals, because the gameplay is built around a player's improvisation. While progressing through Minecraft, players will receive achievements for performing certain actions. The gameplay is generally based on mining and placing blocks, which can be earth, stone, ore, wood, water, lava, and many others. Thus, the player can build various constructions, and this function makes the game similar to the LEGO constructor.

The character of the player moves around the world on foot, overcoming various natural obstacles. In addition to the playable character, there are also non-playable characters in the world: for example, animals, villagers and opponents. The villagers live in villages and players can trade with them - they can buy or sell some useful items for emeralds. Minecraft has a day and night cycle, and a game day lasts 20 minutes of real time. During the day, friendly creatures such as pigs, sheep or cows appear. Players can hunt them to get food and materials to create certain items, in addition, players can breed them using food. At night, different hostile creatures appear on the surface - zombies, spiders and skeletons, with which players can fight or wait for the morning in a safe place. Also, enemies can be in unlit places during the day: for example, in caves. In addition to the usual world, there are two more parallel dimensions, more dangerous and hostile in relation to the game character - the Nether and the End, which can be entered through special portals. The Nether is a dangerous dimension with unique resources and seas of lava. The End is a dark place in the desert, home to a group of islands floating in the void. In the center there is the Ender Dragon, the most powerful enemy in Minecraft, which can be considered the final boss.

Game modes

There are three main game modes, one of which players select before the world generation: "survival", "hardcore" and "creativity". The first mode is a survival simulator, where players explore the world, get various objects and blocks necessary to save the life of the game character, and avoid dangers. Also in the "survival" mode there are points of health, experience and satiety. The "hardcore" mode differs from the "survival" mode in that the game character has only one life - after the character's first death, it will be impossible to resume the game in the same world. In the "creativity" mode, players have access to all objects and existing blocks in unlimited quantities. "Creativity" allows players to fully focus on building structures without being distracted by opponents which players may face in other modes. If the "hardcore" mode is used in a multiplayer game, and after death the character goes into the "observation" mode. In the "observation" mode, players can only move around the world and follow the gameplay without direct interaction. Also in this mode, players can switch to the NPC camera to observe the gameplay from the point of view of this creature. There is also an "adventure" mode - it is designed for custom maps. This mode is similar to "survival" mode, but introduces a number of restrictions that the creator of the map can impose. The key object of the adventure mode is the command block, which allows the creator to create certain conditions on the game map using a console command.

Multiplayer game

Minecraft offers single and multiplayer games. Several players can communicate and interact with each other in the same game world using the in-game multiplayer mode.

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