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Computer games entered the life of almost every person who at least once sat down at the keyboard. Of course, the complexity of the games and their technical characteristics can be completely different, but they have one similarity - they are all designed to brighten up your leisure time and allow you to take a break from a hard day. And if earlier finding an interesting game for yourself was quite expensive in terms of money and time, today they can be downloaded to your computer without any problems.

Free PC Games
Here you can download games of any genres. Categories of games can be completely different for different ages and tastes. Little children can start with something developing, which will not only instill in the child certain knowledge, but also cheer him up. These games include small arcades, role-playing games and mini-adventures. For older children, our website provides an even wider selection of the best games. Depending on the teenager’s hobbies, games can be downloaded from our website in the following genres: racing, arcade, role-playing games, adventure, action, simulation. Before you download PC games, we offer a short excursion into this world.

Racing is most attractive to high school students because it does not require special driving skills. Recently, thanks to the significant progress of graphics technologies and computer graphics cards, a very large number of different racing games have appeared, which are strikingly similar to reality.

The genre of first-person shooters gained its credibility at the beginning of the 2000s when such giants from the world of games as Counter-Strike, Half Life and Quake were in fashion. They attracted attention to themselves not only because it became possible to dump a negativity in them, but also because there was the possibility of a network game between people.

A role-playing game or RPG today is also successfully gaining its segment in the video game market. The peculiarity of this genre is that the playing person is given the opportunity to choose one of several heroes whom he will control the entire game. During the gameplay process, the user will be able to pump a chosen skill from zero to the highest level, while improving an ammunition and position in society. Among the most popular games in this genre are Diablo.

A subspecies of RPG is MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game), which allows thousands of users to simultaneously play in one world. This genre has become especially popular with the release of World of Warcraft, Lineage II and AION.

Action is another genre of computer video games that is popular among PC users. The main highlight of this type of game is that the process of playing, firefight and fighting takes place in an extremely dynamic environment using combat techniques that are almost unrealistic for the average person. As a rule, rhythmic soundtracks are used in this genre, which give the player a large share of adrenaline. Today, games that can combine several genres at the same time are becoming increasingly popular. These include the most popular GTA series (Grand Theft Auto), which combine racing, RPG and shooters.

How to download free PC games - just go to our website gamehitzone.com and choose a genre to your taste. Here you can find absolutely everything you need. The user-friendly interface of the website and high download speed allow our users to almost immediately find and download a game of interest to them, which will work both on a desktop computer (PC) and on a laptop. We remind you that all the files we can download for free and without sign up.

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