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PUBG Lite for free

PUBG Lite is a free version of the popular multiplayer battle royale game PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) for laptops and weak PCs. This optimized and undemanding game can be recommended not only for low-end PC owners, but also for those who are tired of the glitches of the main version.

PUBG Lite for free

Gameplay Description

In terms of gameplay, PUBG Lite is no different from its big brother. At the start of the match, one hundred people jump out of the plane and land on a huge map. The player's task is to overtake other players and take first place, being the only one alive.

After landing, you need to go in search of weapons and armor to not become easy prey for opponents. PUBG could be a tourist's dream, when the player could sit in the bushes with a sniper rifle and shoot at opponents. However, there is an important feature - a few minutes after the start of the game, a special zone is formed on the map, outside of which the player quickly dies. This zone is constantly narrowing and at the end of the match turns into a ring with an area of ​​a couple of meters.

It is this feature of the game that gives an incredible gaming experience. It is simply not possible to lie in tall grass during the whole match. The main skill in battle royale games is the ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment. And thanks to the extremely simple process, PUBG gameplay mechanics can easily capture the player for a long time - look for a new battle, lose, repeat!

Key differences

This is exactly the same PUBG, but free and optimized for low-cost PCs and laptops. The game cannot boast of graphics and is somewhere between the regular and mobile versions. But in terms of gameplay, it feels exactly the same as the original version: there is also a first person mode, and the weapon behaves quite honestly. The only disappointing thing is the number of bots, which are very common at the beginning of the match. On the other hand, newbies have a lot to do so they don't feel unnecessary.

And this version of the game is perfectly optimized, which absolutely cannot be said about the original. The game does not slow down, does not lag and is extremely undemanding to hardware, while you can download PUBG Lite for free.

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