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Exciting computer racing games on powerful motorbikes


Each gamer has his/her own preferences in choosing computer games. Racing category can be considered one of the universal options. These competitions captivate every gamer with a sporting spirit and the desire to achieve victories to satisfy pride.
Our website offers for such users exciting motorcycle racing games. The games included in the pack are featured by high-quality graphics that allow you to get a full-fledged presence effect, to feel like a real owner of a powerful bike.

A set of games with motorcycle racing

The creators of these games took into account all the preferences of users. They developed three options to gradually improve skill, achieving ever higher goals. There are three games included:
  • Desert Moto Racing,
  • Trial Motorbikes,
  • Superbike Racers.
The gamer is given a lot of opportunities to get the best result, enjoy exciting competitions with experienced and venerable opponents, and to become the best motorcycle driver. You can download the pack on a device with Windows Vista, XP or 7th version or higher with a processor from 1000 MHz and RAM from 1024 MB.

Game Features

Participation in motorcycle racing will not cause difficulties even for beginner gamers. Everyone will be able to master the rules. The player’s task is to arrive at the finish line first, for which he/she will have to overtake his/her opponents. It is possible to get a charge of nitro, extra points, performing various cool tricks. These bonuses will help you win.

For victories, medals and various trophies are awarded. They are necessary to unlock a new level or the ability to replace the motorcycle with a more powerful model, which provides great opportunities in subsequent races. The gamer has the opportunity to improve his/her result if the victory did not bring proper enjoyment. To do this, you need to win the race against a ghost who will repeat the player’s previous actions. After unlocking all the achievements, the honorary title of the best motorcycle driver is awarded.

On our website you can download free moto racing games on your desktop or laptop computer. Games are licensed and provided by developers and publishers. You can enjoy absolutely legally exciting competitions without fear of claims or sanctions.

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