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Installs: 129
Game Description

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In the near future, the world is tired of war, corruption and a terrible ecology, so in a desperate attempt the largest corporations developed the Genesis program to save humanity from extinction. You must become the captain of the Genesis spaceship and go to uncharted space depths. Build and control spaceships, generate resources, cope with terrible alien invasions, clone creatures and explore the vast universe. In huge galaxies, each passage will be unique. Choose from three difficulty levels or customize the game world to your taste in sandbox mode. Discover new planets, go through asteroid fields and defend yourself against space pirates and mechanical creatures which will sooner or later get on board to destroy both the crew and the ship itself. As soon as the last of your clones dies, the Genesis mission will end. But in each new attempt, you can take advantage of the found artifacts and open new corporations, so your chances increase with each try.
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