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Car games for free



One of the most popular game genres in the world.

Car games for free
Exciting car simulator games immerse you in the world of street racing, car crashes and drifting! Free car games is a simple plot and low hardware requirements: download, launch, play! We have presented all the subgenres: city racing in the GTA style, off-road races, rallies in the Dakar style, flying monster trucks, a variety of games that are interesting both for children and adults. There are also “taxis” and “truckers” with a system of accumulating points in the game.

Car simulators are fast games. Little time is spent on completing the mission in them. For many users, this is a huge advantage. There is no need to investigate the plot for a long time and learn complex things invented by the developers. The gameplay can be made much more interesting if you have a specialized steering wheel game controller. It is very desirable to connect a laptop or computer to the TV, then the screen sizes will become comparable to the windshield of a real car. At the same time, almost all car simulators are undemanding to hardware, and they can be said to be launched right away, without the cost of buying computer equipment.

A variety of roads and stories

We offer you at least 20 different stories with several applications in each genre. There are quite peaceful options with the transportation of goods by truck, road train, or taxi passengers. For fans of GTA there are several free "replicas of the genre", but with less system requirements and the corresponding simplification of graphics. For each single application - cheat codes that come in handy when those are playing by the rules get tired.

Of great importance in car simulators are the cars themselves. Games with realistic models that actually exist is more interesting. In the free options are collected the most diverse brands and game settings are indicated in English. Developers adhere to realistic drift physics and glide paths. All this gives epic gameplay!

Street and off-road motorcycles

A separate category is extreme motorcycle simulators, games with motorcycle races. There are, like road racing, thai and enduro, which is more interesting due to the dynamically changing background. In almost all games, even entry-level, multi-channel three-dimensional sound is provided. You can download any application in one click. Game file sizes up to 100 MB make them accessible to everyone.

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