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Genshin Impact Free

An incredible cross-platform adventure game invites all willing players to its open world full of tasks, battles and experiences.

Genshin Impact Free
Genshin Impact is a free open-world action-adventure game with RPG elements developed by Mihoyo Studio.


Most of the time, players complete tasks in the open world. There are several types of quests in the game: Archon quests, Legendary quests, local quests, and Daily quests. Archon Quests are quests for the main storyline of the game. They will open sequentially as certain levels are reached. Legendary quests are quests that relate to specific characters. In them, players will be able to get acquainted with each of the characters separately, including in terms of gameplay. Local quests are quests that are usually given by NPCs in the open world. Daily quests are normal daily activities. Every day, players are given four such tasks.

Open world

The game world is divided into many smaller regions. All regions are very different. Each region has several bosses, each of which can be fought once a day. The whole world of the game is covered with different buildings, rocks, mountains and other obstacles, while players have the opportunity to soar in the air, jumping from the hills. As a result, simply moving from one point to another becomes an interesting task with route planning that takes into account the terrain, destination, enemies, obstacles and auxiliary elements of the surrounding world.

Combat system

The combat system is based on character interaction and elemental attacks. There are only seven elements in the game, all these elements are useful, each can be used in different situations. And the combat system for the most effective destruction of monsters requires the use of different interactions of the elements with the help of different abilities of the characters.


As the campaign progresses, players receive a starting set of characters. Then subsequent heroes can be obtained through prayers. With the help of artifacts and weapons, players will be able to customize the heroes in an interesting way. The characters are all very different, so getting each new one is a whole event.


As a result, we can conclude that the game has a good storyline, a large open world, great characters and an interesting combat system. It provides an AAA-class gaming experience for free on any device and can be interesting for a long time right up to the very end. We advise all fans of single player games to download Genshin Impact for free from our website.

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