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Garena Free Fire is a game of a very popular battle royale genre for smartphones and tablets, developed by the Singapore-based company Garena.

Free Fire
Now everyone can easily download Free Fire for PC from our website. The main action of the game takes place on the island. In the beginning the player needs to choose a hero - a man or a woman. Try your hand at the match after choosing a character. The match with fifty real people participating lasts ten minutes. The main task of the player is to survive until the end of the fight.

After creating a character, the player goes to a players gathering camp. Here you can look at the opponents. Then all the match participants fly in an airplane over the island. At some point, the player will be asked to leave the aircraft. The heroes descend on the island in free fall, then it is necessary to open the parachute.

The player lands on the island without armor and weapons, there are only the clothes that he put on the character before the battle. You should beware of large clusters of buildings, as there you can often stumble upon an ambush. At the very beginning of the match, it is worth letting the opponents kill each other, and only then go in search of adventure yourself. To get weapons and equipment, you have to make an effort. Basically, all the items are located in buildings. The game has many different melee and ranged weapons. Additional accessories can be found for some weapons.

Helmets and body armor are used for protection. The head is the most vulnerable place, so you need to protect it with a helmet. In general, if the player does not have weapons, but he has armor, then it will allow him to safely leave the battlefield. The main challenge in the beginning of a match is survival until you find a weapon to fight. There is also a frying pan, which is both a melee weapon and armor.

First aid kits can be found in the same way as other items. Mushrooms can be used to restore a small amount of health points. The wall is additional defense. When the wall is activated, an ice curtain appears in front of the character, which will help both hide in an open place and help save a teammate at a difficult moment.

Any type of transport can be driven on the island. But you need to be careful, as the vehicles make a lot of noise that can attract opponents.

It should always be remembered that on this island only the player can help himself. We wish you Happy Battle Royale!

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