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The popularity of Subway Surfers on PC is growing by leaps and bounds. This is probably due to the exciting gameplay and the huge number of characters, missions and bonus features.

Download Subway Surfers
Let's try to analyze in more detail all the key points of the game. And don't forget to download Subway Surfers for PC to see for yourself how amazing this game is.

Goal of the game

In this game, you have to become a real juvenile delinquent who loves to draw graffiti on trains. However, the guy's impunity is unexpectedly threatened when one day the stationmaster tries to catch him. Your task, you guessed it, is to run away from persecution. But your task is not only and not so much in the escape. After all, along the way you have to collect a variety of bonuses, as well as dodge trains passing by. The stationmaster with the dog will run after you for only a few seconds, and then suddenly disappear from view. But it's too early to relax, as soon as you slow down, colliding with an obstacle or a train, the pursuer will again appear in the frame. If you make a mistake again, then the stationmaster will catch you altogether. The main goal of Subway Surfers is to cover as much distance as possible before you get caught, and this will happen anyway. In addition to the standard obstacles (such as moving trains), the game also has a difficulty scheme that depends on the distance traveled. That is, the further you go, the faster the character will run, which will create a number of difficulties both in overcoming obstacles and in collecting game coins. By the way, bonus money should definitely not be neglected, because you can buy a lot of interesting and useful things in a virtual store with them.

Bonuses and useful things

As in any similar game, there are items that can be purchased for coins. However, sometimes useful things come across along the way. For example, a jetpack may come across that will allow the character to fly over the playing field for a while without fear of obstacles, and easily collect coins, or magic boots with which the character can jump over any obstacle or even jump onto it. Another bonus is a magnet that attracts all the coins that come your way. And don't ignore the stars, they double your points.


Subway Surfers also has a lot of pleasant surprises waiting for you. The most valuable ones are in multi-colored boxes with a question mark, there may be a large number of coins or a useful gift from the store. Surprises are also given out for completing various missions, such as overcoming a certain number of obstacles or collecting words from letters that the hero finds along the way.

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