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Game Description

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The player in DayZ must survive in a hostile world engulfed by a zombie apocalypse. A new character appears in the game world empty-handed, having only simple clothes, a flare and a piece of cloth. The open world of the game is a huge territory with many fields, forests, towns and villages. The character must seek for food, water and medicine in abandoned buildings to stay alive. In addition to the items necessary for survival, you can also find various garments - they not only facilitate survival, protect the character from enemies and bad weather and allow you to carry more items with you, but also allow you to emphasize the personality of the player. DayZ contains many types of weapons of all kinds, from kitchen knives to modern assault rifles, as well as various ammunition, sights and other accessories. The game has the opportunity to grow vegetables, go fishing and engage in various types of hunting, ranging from traps for catching hares and ending with the usual deer hunting.
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